3rd Adventure(s)

The kidnapped "husband" and the key thief

The next adventure started in the tavern named “The Filthy Animal”, when Jazzel burst into the room and announced that he had been paid upfront a sum of gold to rescue a woman’s kidnapped husband. It turned out that this woman was not married, and that the Gnoll who had “kiddnapped” her “husband” was actually his lover, whom they had a small farm house together out in the country. The gnoll’s brother, who was leader of a small clan of Gnolls wanted his brother to come back and leave humans alone, and offered to pay the woman, who was psychotically in love with the human male, a chance to get him for herself (they work together on the Docs of Wulfholm). While the party was discovering this truth, they were surrounded by Gnolls and attacked!! Half way through the battle, things were looking bad for both the heroes and the Gnolls, and even the 2 lovers. But our Dwarf intervened, convinced the Gnoll leader to let his brother be because his brother was happy here. It also turned out that the woman was going to double cross the Gnolls and get them all killed, including the lover of the human, and thus was taken away as the Gnolls new slave. After the battle ended diplomatically, the gay couple invited the adventurers in for dinner, which it was then discovered by David, that the Gnoll was forced to be a bottom in the relationship because his cock was too big for the human to take, until the human had more “practice” at least.

The next adventure involved the key to the dungeon in the swamp being stolen. There was a chase that lead through the sewer under wulfholm via an entrance in the storeroom (where Jazzel was keeping the treasure) thats attached to the wizard’s tower. In the sewer the group caught up with the thieves, lead by the woman who has been following Jazzel. She made off with the key while the group was left to battle her minions and conjured spectral knights. At the end of the day, a secrete was reviled by Jazzel only to the Dwarf.



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