5th Adventure

The terrible spider dungeon.

The adventurers were having their breakfast at the Filthy Animal when an Orc name Gro’Luk approached them to inquire about the previous nights raid on the town. The fact that the raid had been lead by an orc shaman had put some of the group suspicious of Gro’Luk. To test his nature, Jazzel requested a favor, to go find the Shaman from last nights attack and inquire where they might find Elissia next. Unknown to Gro’Luk, the party followed him to watch his interaction with the Orc Shaman chief, to see if they were in league or not. It turned out they were not in league and in fact found out the next target of Elissia. Proven himself worthy, Gro’Luk joined the team as their War-Cleric.

The party returned to the swamp, now freed of its evil aura, to try to gain entrance to the giant tree. Once again, they were faced with the same troll, who game them another riddle. “What is weightless and invisible, but you can see it, and when you put it in a barrel, it makes the barrel lighter?” Gro’Luk was quick to show his impressive intellect, shattering Orc stereotypes, by answering correctly “A Hole”. A key was then given, at the troll’s amusement and frustration, and the party made their way inside.

Once inside, the party was ambushed by dozens of spiders that swarmed over our heroes. Jazzel was so scared he ran into a dark corner unseen and unnoticed by the party until all the spiders had been killed. The party then decended deeper into the dungeon where they faced a zombie wrapped in spider webs. After defeating him, they found scratched on the wall what looked like a poem which read “To the morgue… We must all go to the morgue Deep down below the ground Where it was kind of cold and damp Too many stiffs to be fit in the cooler Gathering dust in the hallways of Death Their smoldering eyes in their rotted heads Have become the home of spiders instead Spiders here… Spider’s there Spiders feeding the dead to thier young Spiders here… Spider’s everywhere Spiders using the dead for thier home Spiders… they’re growing like rats from the plague Spiders… there’s so many more everyday One thousand poisonous creatures Eight thousand poisonous eyes! To the morgue… We must all go to the morgue”

After this the party entered a library, which they found a book that explained the creation of this strange dungeon. It was originally a Elven and Dwarven jointly made creation, a temple to fight off demons. Though it had seemed that they dug a bit too deep and found them selves trapped by giant demon spiders of Lolth.

Further down, the adventurers found an area, the heart of the temple, still free of spiders, where they found keys needed to enter a previous door that had foot steps leading past. Once the keys were freed from a statue, 4 hollow enchanted armors of both dwarvish and elvish nature attacked the group. After a victory, a large demon appeared and taunted Breck to come attack him inside an adjacent room. As soon as Breck entered, he was mind controlled while he helplessly watch his friends being mauled by the powerful foe. After the demon had had his fun, he used Breck as a bowling ball and tossed him into the party before disappearing into the shadows.

Finally, the party makes their way past the locked door into a web covered hall way where they find Elissia waiting for them. To everyone’s astonishment, Jazzel walks over to her and stands by her side, asking everyone to work with her to defeat the evil in the next room. At this point Jazzel reveals that he is her ex lover, and that they are both demigods working to please Elissia’s father by finding relics that will help him destroy his enemies. However, as most wear now thinking Jazzel was a traitor, Noktar and Sperati noticed that Jazzel was not casting a shadow, and warned everyone. The spell wears off and Jazzel is no where to be seen as the thing standing in his place is nothing more than a spirit. At this, Elissia teleports away, while muffled speech can be heard in the next room.

The players run to the next room, which is nothing more than a gigantic spider web hanging over darkness, while a mummified looking Jazzle is covered in webs in the center. As soon as they step in, 4 huge spiders pounce on them and attack, blocking everyone’s path to Jazzel. Then, a ridiculously huge terror spider crawls down the wall and starts attacking Jazzel. Once the 4 spiders were defeated, the huge terror spider attacks the group with acidic webs, poisonous claws and fangs, and jumps up the walls and celings after each attack so the adventurers cant attack it back. Eventually, the fel beast was slain, but not before spewing poison all over Breck and his surroundings, slowly melting the web and dumping the party, and a wealth of treasure, back into the library. Amongst the treasures was found the second dark iron spiked gauntlet.

Jazzel at this point finally admits the truth of his origins. He is in fact a fallen demigod of the god Corellon. Elissia is his ex, but he has no more love for her, as she betrayed him, which is why he has lost his demigod powers, and now must earn them back by defeating a storm titan. He asks for forgiveness of misleading his comrades as they all end up back in the tavern.



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