6th Adventure

A Brother Rescued, a Village Freed of Tyranny.

The adventurers start off at the Filthy animal tavern in Wulfholm, drinking and eating, when a stranger pulls Speratti to the side and tells him news of his brother’s whereabouts. While this is happening, Jazzel and Breck go to meet a rowdy Dwarven blacksmith who specializes in forging and repairing magical items. Breck hands over the broken axe he found in spider dungeon, and returns to the tavern. Sperrati then informs everyone the news about his brother, thus leading the party into the sewers and ultimately to a hidden cave where dwells Goblins and the Mage that attacked Sperrati’s village. After beating down the mage, the brother comes out of a back room and immediately attacks the party, and does not speak. Eventually the mage escaped with his life, and the brother was exorcised and a large demon jumped out of him and attacked the group. After the demon was defeated, the brother explains that the goblin mage was a servant of Elissia, and that he can remember everything while he was possessed.

Elissia is a Cleric of the Chaotically evil god named Tharzidun, and is collecting relics that will help free her god of his prison made of chains. The brother says that she was boasting about a powerful axe that she had taken from a Dwarven village that her minions had plundered. The brother also mentioned her plans at using the Razor Claw Shifter Elders of the Roanook village to help her find another relic hidden close by in the slithering plains.

After this, the brother says he wants to take rest at the tavern to heal from his wounds.

On the road to the Roanook village, Elissia appears, and lets everyone know how upset she is at everyone learning more about her plans. Holds out a box which opens a portal that threatens to suck everyone into it. Jazzel runs and casts a spell that breaks the box, but not before getting sucked into it himself. Elissia laughs and and throws down the box and says that her job here is done, and then attacks the group and summons a rather large centaur before disappearing.

The box has runes and glyphs on it that revealed the name of a dungeon called the Thunderspire. At that time however, the party had no clue what or where that is.

On the way through the slithering plains, the party is attack by some wondering Yuan-ti snake men bandits, where one of them challenged Gro’Luk to a duel. After hurting Gro’Luk till he was bloody, the Snake man was satisfied in his victory and told the group to pay up. However, the Orc continued his assault on the snake man thus made the other snake warriors attack the party for breaking their leaders judgment about loosing the duel. Eventually, 2 snake men were killed and the rest ran off.

The party enters a forest, and comes upon an old friend of Noktar, a Shifter shaman named Thorn. Thorn tells of the madness of the elders, and has even heard them speaking to an unknown woman on occasional nights. He then asks for help to take down the elders.

As soon as the party reaches the village, they are ambushed and attacked by shifters, tigers, and captain of the Roanook guard Storm Claw, who announces how Thorn is now a traitor, and how happy it makes him to finally kill Noktar. After he dose a triple flip down from the guard tower, 2 twin female shifter guards, with mirror imaged outfits, do synchronized triple flips down and their 3 pet tigers ambush the party. After their defeat, Storm Claw surrenders and flees with the wounded twins, but not before giving the key to the gates to Noktar.

After the battle, the party enters the village and Noktar calls out a challenge to the Elders, who scoff at Thorn for joining Noktar's betrayal, and announce that they will kill the traitors to not let anyone get in the way of progress.  Aktar summons a large dire tiger pet, while Reamonaz stabs himself in the chest with a ritualistic dagger, and then transforms into a while weretiger.  During the battle, Reamonaz had appeared to be slain, but Aktar ran up to the alter and resurrected Reamonaz who then instantly pounced on Noktar.

Once defeated, Aktar admitted to bargaining with Elissia for power so they could conquer their bitter enemies, the Yuan-ti. And that perhaps all her demonic magic had warped their judgments, and now, finally at his dying breath, he realizes how wrong he had been and asks for forgiveness over his evil deeds.

After that, the people of the village come up and cheer that their oppressors are finally dead and nominate Noktar and Thorn to be the new village elders.

After the ceremonies, a very old shifter comes up and tries to pick up the box that Jazzel was sucked into, and reveals the location to the Thunderspire, where Jazzel may be entrapped.


Good Job!

6th Adventure

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