First Adventure

Dwarven Temple??

A little recap of the first “episode” which sets the theme of the story; We first found ourselves at the Filthy Animal, listening to the famous, and popular, gnome bard Jazzel Blusenrok, aka the Metallic Minstrel, playing his latest hit “Rapping upon Asgard’s Door”. After the well received performance Jazzel started speaking about a new venture he wanted to pursue, treasure hunting called Jazzel’s treasure hunters club! And so he began to search the crowed for willing adventurers. To his surprise most of the eager adventureres had seemed to have not made it that night, so he found 4 that were in the middle of dinner and thought “well they don’t look too shabby, better than nothing!”. Jazzel then asked them if they were interested as he waived his hand in a strange arching motion, and suddenly the group felt very eager to say yes to their surprise, but not to Jazzel’s. Then Jazzel got down to business and told them that their first target was the Winged Helm of the Asgardian Warrior, which he had a treasure map to. The map claimed to be an old Dwarven temple in the middle of a jungle, but really, what kind of dwarves build a pyramid-ish shaped temple in the middle of the jungle anyways? Thats what they should have realized when they found it. Turns out it was an old abandoned troll temple in ruins, now occupied by a bunch of goblins and their hobgoblin leader/lover? A sling and some orc porn was found beside the bed with the heart shaped pillows… Well, that wasnt all that was left in these ruins, as usual goblins arnt very thorough when scoping a place out for lingering creatures and old traps. In fact it turned out that there was a trap left, one that forced our heroes to run down a spiral staircase into a large pit. Still no sign of the treasure they were searching for, a woman appears with henchmen through a secret door chasing a goblin. She announces herself to be Elissia, Mistress of the Dark, and she demanded that we hand over the Helmet, which no sooner than she finished her sentence, a huge green slime plops down onto the goblin and 2 of her minions, quickly dissolving them in its large acidic body. She then quickly leaves the scene back through the passage she came into. After the giant slime, which could clone its self into smaller slimes, was defeated, Elissia made another appearance, demanding the hemlet while summoning shadow demons to do her bidding. Jazzel convinced her the goblin had the helmet which was all dissolved… She then cursed her luck paying no more attention to the party and teleported away. Eventually the party found their way through some secret passages and found the treasure the had set out for in the first place! Also they found a small jeweled locket with a picture of a woman and her child inside. They ended the adventure back at the Tavern The Filthy Animal and said they would get together the next day and investigate the locket and see if they could maybe find a reward for returning it to its original owner. Jazzel bid the group good night and thus has been our story so far…



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