The shaman Adaru was summoned by the Goliath clan to locate his childhood friend Ekoth, who had ventured far from their mountain home to make his mark in the world. Ekoth’s father lay dying, and the warden was needed to help protect his people from the increasingly frequent orc raids.

Adaru walked deep into the forested peaks to an old cave, seeking help from his spirit guide. In a vision, he rode the great bear’s back through foothills and across rivers to the port town where he would find his friend. But his spirit guide told him something he did not expect: he would not be returning home with Ekoth, but rather taking his place. A darkness was coming to the mountains, and he would have to wander far to find the power to confront it.

Adaru trusted his spirit guide, and accepted that his path would take him far from home, yet he had reservations. He was bred in the mountains, and wasn’t comfortable in cities. And wouldn’t he be needed to help the scattered communties of his homeland defend themselves against the raids?

With a sigh, Adaru packed up his belongings and began walking toward the lowlands.


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