Breck Runeaxe

Dwarf Paladin Mercenary, looking for his family's lost axe.


Breck Runeaxe

As we know there are many types of warriors. Some do it for the church, some for the adventure of it and other for the money that can be involved in doing certain tasks. Breck Runeaxe is more of the type that is interested in gaining a profit from using his abilities to do another work. In other words Breck Runeaxe is a mercenary. He tends to lend out his abilities and his blade to those that would pay the highest price for his services. He also then decides whether or not to take that job, by weighing the risks that are involved with the job that the employer is offering.

After he had complete this one job that he had taken he had realized that it was his mother’s birthday and seeing how he was near his hometown where his parents were living. He had decided that it would be a good idea to stop by and see his parents before moving on to another job. Finally arriving in the town where his parents were. Shortly after he had found a nice gift for his mother and then proceeded to his parents house. Upon arriving at his parents house he had notice that things looked amiss at the house. The door looked as though it was forced open and as though there was some kind of struggle that had happened on the first floor. Traces of the struggle lead Breck to search the second floor where he had traces of blood. Following the traces of blood lead him to his parents room where he saw that his mother was dead and his father was severely wounded and bleeding to death. As Breck’s father was bleeding to death he told of the 2 people that had done this to him and his wife. He had also told Breck that he should go avenge their deaths by using his father’s armor and holy symbol. The last thing that Breck’s father had told him was to learn the ways of Tempus like he had when he was just starting out as a mercenary. With this in Breck’s mind he had gone to the chest where his father had keep his armor and holy symbol. Upon opening the chest up he looked in at the armor in awe and realized what grim task he now had to go out and do. Even though he wasn’t getting paid in money for this job he knew that he was going to get paid by knowing that his parents souls could rest at ease after he had completed this task. He then stood back and started to put the armor on as he had done this he swore he wouldn’t stop until he found the exact reason why his parents were killed. Upon his way out of the house Breck noticed that the magical battle axe that was hanging above the fireplace was now missing. For this battle axe was supposed to be a gift from his parents to Breck in 2 weeks for his birthday. He had then left and told the authorities about what had happened and also arranged a proper burial for both his parents. Seeing how he wasn’t planning on returning to this place again before leaving on his quest he had burned down the house in an attempt to get rid of this horrible memory of what had happened.

After training for a while at the temple of Tempus and now knowing how he can use this newly found priest abilities to amplify his great fighting qualities. Now with nothing to hold him back in this small town he headed to the west to the capital of the empire. Fortunately this also lead Breck straight into where his parents killers were trying to hide. Unfortunately though he had found them just after they had given the axe to a priest of chaos. Before Breck had done away with the killers they had both told him that they were hired by a powerful priest from chaos and were told to get the battle axe that they had stolen from Breck’s parents. Apparently the battle axe had more magical properties then what Breck’s parents had known about. The worst part of all is that now knowing this he didn’t feel that his job had not been finished, in order to let his parents souls rest at ease. Now his mission had become a lot larger than what he had originally thought it was. Because instead of just tracking down a pair of killers and then execute them, has now grown to having to also track down and kill the priest that had ordered the hit. But taking down the priest would mean that he would have to try to take down the chaos religion as well. Over vast amounts of training and time that pasted he found out about the 12 dragon statues and also how he could help the empire try to stop the chaos religion by getting the statues and destroy them. He then talked with the Emperor and was hired by him to gather the statues and bring them back to the empire. Only now by doing this and finding that priest as well and killing him would his parents’ souls then finally rest peacefully.

The reason why his parents were going to give Breck the axe is because for 5 generations back that axe has been in the Runeaxe family. Breck was to be the sixth generation. For this axe was a great family heirloom, for it wasn’t known that it had some magical property to it until Breck’s great grandfather had examined it one day and found that it was magical, but he didn’t know to what degree. The axe was first found by Breck’s great great great grandfather while he was on a mission that he was running for a nearby lord. It remained unknown as to how magical it was for the next 2 generations of the Runeaxe family. To this day it still remains unknown as to how powerful the magical properties of the axe are. This is yet one more reason why Breck feels that he must continue until he finds the priest of chaos, so that he can get the axe and have it in the hands of its rightful owner. Only then will he feel that his parents can rest and his quest will finally come to an end, upon which he with either decide to settle down and get out of the mercenary business or he will continue in the mercenary business.

Breck Runeaxe

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