Gro'luk, the Orc Warlord Cleric of Kord


Gro’luk, the Orc Warlord Cleric of Kord

Gro’luk doesn’t remember much of his early life. He was raised in a temple dedicated to Kord not too far from Wulfholm. He was found nearby, most likely a casualty in some forgotten conflict. The priests were kind and understanding despite his racial heritage and raised him as best they could, though never particularly loving in their care. None of them attempted to seriously bond with or claim him as their own, rather to raise him as a vessel of their deity’s ideals. They taught him to value the nobility and honor of battle in accordance with their deity, as well as the need to defend himself. They encouraged him to rise above his bestial heritage, relying on his intellect as well as his brute strength, strategy as well as cunning. He was trained as a priest himself, however encouraged to branch out more into the martial arts. The priests sent him off to a military training camp further his education, and it was there near the end of his training that he heard about the massive attack on Wulfholm, and promptly returned home. Despite the distant upbringing, Kord and that temple are all he has had in his life.


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