Noktar, the Shifter Druid


Roanook Shifters are masters of the elements, those attuned to earth and water work together to create the best possible conditions for planting and growing crops. Those attuned to fire and wind work together to protect the village from the “slitherers” and other nearby enemies(in the minds of the elders at least). Their animalistic nature only surfaces in times of danger or strong feelings such as fear or anger


Noktar was ousted from his village-town in Roanook Forest near the Slithering Plains because, according to the village elders “he would not follow and adhere to many of his people’s traditions and was a traitor to their way of life”. Noktar also believed that since the beginning of time the village elders have lied, murdered, and schemed in an attempt to keep control of their people.

Noktar always believed many of his people’s traditions were barbaric and old-fashioned, he also believed the quality of life was way below what other humanoids had had to endure in those times. Some of the things that bothered him most included; forced marriages and child bearing for “added labor” purposes, unfair taxing of money and food, blind devotion to invisible deities, and village elders treating villagers like slaves for their own selfish purposes.

He eventually stood up and fought the village elders; Aktar and Remonaz, after they ordered the murder of the father of a nearby family because he would not let them take his family’s food. Food which he and others had worked hard to gather for their own families.

Noktar fought with all his might but since he was alone he was eventually defeated and left on the brink of death near the village borders. He was told to never come to the village again or he would be killed on sight.

He ends up at our host bar looking for a way to forget about his past, either by adventuring, helping others, or looking for happiness at the bottom of a pint of beer.

Noktar does not feel hatred towards any humanoid race since he feels underneath we are all equal. However, he does feel resentment towards his village elders and also his fellow Roanook brothers and sisters for not standing up to tyranny like he has done.

*The village itself is called Roanook. More akin to a small town than to an actual rural village, even though it is located at the foot of a forest. The homes are both ground level, and above on trees, with a huge structure northeast of the village where ceremonies were held and also where the village elders lived.


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