6th Adventure
A Brother Rescued, a Village Freed of Tyranny.

The adventurers start off at the Filthy animal tavern in Wulfholm, drinking and eating, when a stranger pulls Speratti to the side and tells him news of his brother’s whereabouts. While this is happening, Jazzel and Breck go to meet a rowdy Dwarven blacksmith who specializes in forging and repairing magical items. Breck hands over the broken axe he found in spider dungeon, and returns to the tavern. Sperrati then informs everyone the news about his brother, thus leading the party into the sewers and ultimately to a hidden cave where dwells Goblins and the Mage that attacked Sperrati’s village. After beating down the mage, the brother comes out of a back room and immediately attacks the party, and does not speak. Eventually the mage escaped with his life, and the brother was exorcised and a large demon jumped out of him and attacked the group. After the demon was defeated, the brother explains that the goblin mage was a servant of Elissia, and that he can remember everything while he was possessed.

Elissia is a Cleric of the Chaotically evil god named Tharzidun, and is collecting relics that will help free her god of his prison made of chains. The brother says that she was boasting about a powerful axe that she had taken from a Dwarven village that her minions had plundered. The brother also mentioned her plans at using the Razor Claw Shifter Elders of the Roanook village to help her find another relic hidden close by in the slithering plains.

After this, the brother says he wants to take rest at the tavern to heal from his wounds.

On the road to the Roanook village, Elissia appears, and lets everyone know how upset she is at everyone learning more about her plans. Holds out a box which opens a portal that threatens to suck everyone into it. Jazzel runs and casts a spell that breaks the box, but not before getting sucked into it himself. Elissia laughs and and throws down the box and says that her job here is done, and then attacks the group and summons a rather large centaur before disappearing.

The box has runes and glyphs on it that revealed the name of a dungeon called the Thunderspire. At that time however, the party had no clue what or where that is.

On the way through the slithering plains, the party is attack by some wondering Yuan-ti snake men bandits, where one of them challenged Gro’Luk to a duel. After hurting Gro’Luk till he was bloody, the Snake man was satisfied in his victory and told the group to pay up. However, the Orc continued his assault on the snake man thus made the other snake warriors attack the party for breaking their leaders judgment about loosing the duel. Eventually, 2 snake men were killed and the rest ran off.

The party enters a forest, and comes upon an old friend of Noktar, a Shifter shaman named Thorn. Thorn tells of the madness of the elders, and has even heard them speaking to an unknown woman on occasional nights. He then asks for help to take down the elders.

As soon as the party reaches the village, they are ambushed and attacked by shifters, tigers, and captain of the Roanook guard Storm Claw, who announces how Thorn is now a traitor, and how happy it makes him to finally kill Noktar. After he dose a triple flip down from the guard tower, 2 twin female shifter guards, with mirror imaged outfits, do synchronized triple flips down and their 3 pet tigers ambush the party. After their defeat, Storm Claw surrenders and flees with the wounded twins, but not before giving the key to the gates to Noktar.

After the battle, the party enters the village and Noktar calls out a challenge to the Elders, who scoff at Thorn for joining Noktar's betrayal, and announce that they will kill the traitors to not let anyone get in the way of progress.  Aktar summons a large dire tiger pet, while Reamonaz stabs himself in the chest with a ritualistic dagger, and then transforms into a while weretiger.  During the battle, Reamonaz had appeared to be slain, but Aktar ran up to the alter and resurrected Reamonaz who then instantly pounced on Noktar.

Once defeated, Aktar admitted to bargaining with Elissia for power so they could conquer their bitter enemies, the Yuan-ti. And that perhaps all her demonic magic had warped their judgments, and now, finally at his dying breath, he realizes how wrong he had been and asks for forgiveness over his evil deeds.

After that, the people of the village come up and cheer that their oppressors are finally dead and nominate Noktar and Thorn to be the new village elders.

After the ceremonies, a very old shifter comes up and tries to pick up the box that Jazzel was sucked into, and reveals the location to the Thunderspire, where Jazzel may be entrapped.

5th Adventure
The terrible spider dungeon.

The adventurers were having their breakfast at the Filthy Animal when an Orc name Gro’Luk approached them to inquire about the previous nights raid on the town. The fact that the raid had been lead by an orc shaman had put some of the group suspicious of Gro’Luk. To test his nature, Jazzel requested a favor, to go find the Shaman from last nights attack and inquire where they might find Elissia next. Unknown to Gro’Luk, the party followed him to watch his interaction with the Orc Shaman chief, to see if they were in league or not. It turned out they were not in league and in fact found out the next target of Elissia. Proven himself worthy, Gro’Luk joined the team as their War-Cleric.

The party returned to the swamp, now freed of its evil aura, to try to gain entrance to the giant tree. Once again, they were faced with the same troll, who game them another riddle. “What is weightless and invisible, but you can see it, and when you put it in a barrel, it makes the barrel lighter?” Gro’Luk was quick to show his impressive intellect, shattering Orc stereotypes, by answering correctly “A Hole”. A key was then given, at the troll’s amusement and frustration, and the party made their way inside.

Once inside, the party was ambushed by dozens of spiders that swarmed over our heroes. Jazzel was so scared he ran into a dark corner unseen and unnoticed by the party until all the spiders had been killed. The party then decended deeper into the dungeon where they faced a zombie wrapped in spider webs. After defeating him, they found scratched on the wall what looked like a poem which read “To the morgue… We must all go to the morgue Deep down below the ground Where it was kind of cold and damp Too many stiffs to be fit in the cooler Gathering dust in the hallways of Death Their smoldering eyes in their rotted heads Have become the home of spiders instead Spiders here… Spider’s there Spiders feeding the dead to thier young Spiders here… Spider’s everywhere Spiders using the dead for thier home Spiders… they’re growing like rats from the plague Spiders… there’s so many more everyday One thousand poisonous creatures Eight thousand poisonous eyes! To the morgue… We must all go to the morgue”

After this the party entered a library, which they found a book that explained the creation of this strange dungeon. It was originally a Elven and Dwarven jointly made creation, a temple to fight off demons. Though it had seemed that they dug a bit too deep and found them selves trapped by giant demon spiders of Lolth.

Further down, the adventurers found an area, the heart of the temple, still free of spiders, where they found keys needed to enter a previous door that had foot steps leading past. Once the keys were freed from a statue, 4 hollow enchanted armors of both dwarvish and elvish nature attacked the group. After a victory, a large demon appeared and taunted Breck to come attack him inside an adjacent room. As soon as Breck entered, he was mind controlled while he helplessly watch his friends being mauled by the powerful foe. After the demon had had his fun, he used Breck as a bowling ball and tossed him into the party before disappearing into the shadows.

Finally, the party makes their way past the locked door into a web covered hall way where they find Elissia waiting for them. To everyone’s astonishment, Jazzel walks over to her and stands by her side, asking everyone to work with her to defeat the evil in the next room. At this point Jazzel reveals that he is her ex lover, and that they are both demigods working to please Elissia’s father by finding relics that will help him destroy his enemies. However, as most wear now thinking Jazzel was a traitor, Noktar and Sperati noticed that Jazzel was not casting a shadow, and warned everyone. The spell wears off and Jazzel is no where to be seen as the thing standing in his place is nothing more than a spirit. At this, Elissia teleports away, while muffled speech can be heard in the next room.

The players run to the next room, which is nothing more than a gigantic spider web hanging over darkness, while a mummified looking Jazzle is covered in webs in the center. As soon as they step in, 4 huge spiders pounce on them and attack, blocking everyone’s path to Jazzel. Then, a ridiculously huge terror spider crawls down the wall and starts attacking Jazzel. Once the 4 spiders were defeated, the huge terror spider attacks the group with acidic webs, poisonous claws and fangs, and jumps up the walls and celings after each attack so the adventurers cant attack it back. Eventually, the fel beast was slain, but not before spewing poison all over Breck and his surroundings, slowly melting the web and dumping the party, and a wealth of treasure, back into the library. Amongst the treasures was found the second dark iron spiked gauntlet.

Jazzel at this point finally admits the truth of his origins. He is in fact a fallen demigod of the god Corellon. Elissia is his ex, but he has no more love for her, as she betrayed him, which is why he has lost his demigod powers, and now must earn them back by defeating a storm titan. He asks for forgiveness of misleading his comrades as they all end up back in the tavern.

4th Adventure
Attack on Wulfholm!

The last adventure our group encountered was a spell was put on the town to make everyone sleep, and the violence barrior was taken down while a group of orcs and goblins raided the town and set a few buildings on fire. It was discovered, once again, that lady was at the head of this, and was breaking into the capital building to steal an unknown artifact. This time though, she was being aided by a powerful Orc Shaman who was convinced to leave through diplomacy. It was also discovered she was holding him to a dept he owed her. The final boss was a very large spectral hulk.

3rd Adventure(s)
The kidnapped "husband" and the key thief

The next adventure started in the tavern named “The Filthy Animal”, when Jazzel burst into the room and announced that he had been paid upfront a sum of gold to rescue a woman’s kidnapped husband. It turned out that this woman was not married, and that the Gnoll who had “kiddnapped” her “husband” was actually his lover, whom they had a small farm house together out in the country. The gnoll’s brother, who was leader of a small clan of Gnolls wanted his brother to come back and leave humans alone, and offered to pay the woman, who was psychotically in love with the human male, a chance to get him for herself (they work together on the Docs of Wulfholm). While the party was discovering this truth, they were surrounded by Gnolls and attacked!! Half way through the battle, things were looking bad for both the heroes and the Gnolls, and even the 2 lovers. But our Dwarf intervened, convinced the Gnoll leader to let his brother be because his brother was happy here. It also turned out that the woman was going to double cross the Gnolls and get them all killed, including the lover of the human, and thus was taken away as the Gnolls new slave. After the battle ended diplomatically, the gay couple invited the adventurers in for dinner, which it was then discovered by David, that the Gnoll was forced to be a bottom in the relationship because his cock was too big for the human to take, until the human had more “practice” at least.

The next adventure involved the key to the dungeon in the swamp being stolen. There was a chase that lead through the sewer under wulfholm via an entrance in the storeroom (where Jazzel was keeping the treasure) thats attached to the wizard’s tower. In the sewer the group caught up with the thieves, lead by the woman who has been following Jazzel. She made off with the key while the group was left to battle her minions and conjured spectral knights. At the end of the day, a secrete was reviled by Jazzel only to the Dwarf.

2nd Adventure
Swamp of Evil?

The next adventure involved going deep into a swamp, where we found ghosts, undead mudmen, warped tree folk, and finally a giant mud golem boss. Once the mud golem was destroyed, a spiked metal gauntlet with a strange demonic aura was found inside his body, which when taken out made the swap’s evil aura and fog start to dissipate. Before the adventures could go home, a rather large Troll appeared blocking their entrance to a iron gated door in the stump of a gigantic tree. He asked a riddle to the group, the group answered correctly, and to the Troll’s amusement and disappointment, he left the group the key to the gate and left. At this point the group decided it best to leave the gate a lone and return back to wulfholm.

First Adventure
Dwarven Temple??

A little recap of the first “episode” which sets the theme of the story; We first found ourselves at the Filthy Animal, listening to the famous, and popular, gnome bard Jazzel Blusenrok, aka the Metallic Minstrel, playing his latest hit “Rapping upon Asgard’s Door”. After the well received performance Jazzel started speaking about a new venture he wanted to pursue, treasure hunting called Jazzel’s treasure hunters club! And so he began to search the crowed for willing adventurers. To his surprise most of the eager adventureres had seemed to have not made it that night, so he found 4 that were in the middle of dinner and thought “well they don’t look too shabby, better than nothing!”. Jazzel then asked them if they were interested as he waived his hand in a strange arching motion, and suddenly the group felt very eager to say yes to their surprise, but not to Jazzel’s. Then Jazzel got down to business and told them that their first target was the Winged Helm of the Asgardian Warrior, which he had a treasure map to. The map claimed to be an old Dwarven temple in the middle of a jungle, but really, what kind of dwarves build a pyramid-ish shaped temple in the middle of the jungle anyways? Thats what they should have realized when they found it. Turns out it was an old abandoned troll temple in ruins, now occupied by a bunch of goblins and their hobgoblin leader/lover? A sling and some orc porn was found beside the bed with the heart shaped pillows… Well, that wasnt all that was left in these ruins, as usual goblins arnt very thorough when scoping a place out for lingering creatures and old traps. In fact it turned out that there was a trap left, one that forced our heroes to run down a spiral staircase into a large pit. Still no sign of the treasure they were searching for, a woman appears with henchmen through a secret door chasing a goblin. She announces herself to be Elissia, Mistress of the Dark, and she demanded that we hand over the Helmet, which no sooner than she finished her sentence, a huge green slime plops down onto the goblin and 2 of her minions, quickly dissolving them in its large acidic body. She then quickly leaves the scene back through the passage she came into. After the giant slime, which could clone its self into smaller slimes, was defeated, Elissia made another appearance, demanding the hemlet while summoning shadow demons to do her bidding. Jazzel convinced her the goblin had the helmet which was all dissolved… She then cursed her luck paying no more attention to the party and teleported away. Eventually the party found their way through some secret passages and found the treasure the had set out for in the first place! Also they found a small jeweled locket with a picture of a woman and her child inside. They ended the adventure back at the Tavern The Filthy Animal and said they would get together the next day and investigate the locket and see if they could maybe find a reward for returning it to its original owner. Jazzel bid the group good night and thus has been our story so far…

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