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Wulfholm, the Night Haven of monsters!

The party started off in a town called Wulfholm, aka The Night Haven by others, many half breads and “monsters” who seek out a safe haven for being an outcast. You can find goblins working with gnomes, dwarves working with half orcs, and many other strange bedfellows befriending one another. If its one thing in common most have here, its being an outcast from their places of birth, but isnt always the case, for better or worse sometimes. It is a port town and trading hub known for its “liberal” tolerance towards races, religions, and the verity of lifestyles that flourish there. Drunks, rogues, and adventurers abound, but that is not all. Scholars, wizards, priests, and other masters of the books, as some would say, can be found if sought after. There is very little to no crime, and absolutely no violence in the vicinity of this small, but ever growing town. This is mainly due to the fact that there is sorcery that prevents any violent act towards another inside the city’s walls. Not to mention the beefy and brutish yet intelligent (well, most of them anyways), multi race “peace makers” who keep an eye out for any trouble. You may not be able to hit someone over the head, or stab them in the back, but you can still steal, cheat, poison someones food, set up traps… Yes, there are loop holes and exceptions to the sorcery that protects the town. One such exception is that the peace makers can in fact inflict violence towards anyone caught in a malicious act.

There is one tavern where many adventurers gather called the filthy animal, which is run by a female orc and her 2 pet worgs. This is also a favorite haunt for our protagonist Jazzel Blusenrok, the Metallic Minstrel. Wulfholm also has a library with a wizard’s tower connected to it, a few temples, a town hall, the mayor’s house, flats (apartments), a market place, and the docks with merchant “sailors” and fishermen. Important fact to mention is the protection sorcery does not work with anything in the water, the docks themselves yes, but the boats have to have their own protection. Enter a ship at ones own risk >:)~

What adventures and dangers await in Wulfholm, the Night Haven of monsters!

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Wulfholm Vargnaz